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5 Safe and Effective Scented Candle Alternatives

5/13/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 5 Safe and Effective Scented Candle Alternatives Essential oil diffusers are a healthier alternative to canister aerosols for a better smelling home

Flame-Free Alternatives

Like many homeowners in Hamilton Mill, GA, you may enjoy infusing your home with pleasant aromas. Although scented candles may be a popular choice, an open flame indoors is a potential hazard, especially in the presence of pets and young children. To minimize the risk of a candle fire and a potentially costly fire and smoke cleanup, you should consider utilizing safer, flame-free alternatives.

1. Reed Diffuser

Instead of burning fragrant wax, a reed diffuser employs scented oil, which is absorbed by reeds. The scent is then distributed through air particles. This efficient candle alternative can often last for several months and requires no electricity.

2. Essential Oil Diffuser

Like reed diffusers, this product utilizes aromatic oils. Some models use heat and water to disperse particles while others may employ fans. In addition to an appealing variety of scents, many essential oils can also sanitize the air by eliminating bacteria.

3. Wax Warmers

Wax warmers offer a means to melt scented wax without the risk of a candle fire. A lightbulb warms the wax, allowing it to emit its aroma as it melts.

Although this is a safer option than an open flame, both the melted solution and device can become hot. As a result, you should instruct children to refrain from touching the warmer while it’s in use.

4. Plug-ins

Electrical plug-ins can also be effective room deodorizers. These devices use oil and a porous fiberglass wick to disperse scent. Some may include a convenient feature that allows you to control the intensity of the fragrance released, helping you achieve your preferred aroma.

5. Automatic Sprayers

An automatic deodorizer dispenser is another candle alternative that emits fragrance at predetermined intervals. Some models may also be activated by light or motions sensors. Like many other options, these devices can last for an extended period.

Although pretty and fragrant, burning candles leaves your residence vulnerable to a potentially destructive candle fire. Selecting an effective alternative can offer peace of mind as well as safeguard the integrity of your home.

Act Now: Why It's Important Not to Wait for the Insurance Adjuster

5/3/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Act Now: Why It's Important Not to Wait for the Insurance Adjuster Call SERVPRO for immediate help if your home is damaged by a natural disaster.

Storm damages require immediate action from a professional with flood damage experience, the right resources to deal with the issue, and the ability to respond right away. Too often homeowners wait until their flood insurance adjuster can respond before taking action. This is a mistake for several reasons.

The Role of Insurance Adjusters

These professionals evaluate insurance claims, deciding whether an insurance company will pay a claim. Some of their duties include

  • Determining the appropriate amount to pay
  • Ensuring that claims aren't fraudulent
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Authorizing payments

What they don't do is make sure your home and family are protected from flood damage and any related dangers. It's important to contact that professional right away, but don't wait for a response before you begin repairing your home.

Mold Takes Hold Quickly

It only takes 24 hours for mold damage to begin after high humidity, flooding, or standing water from other causes. If you wait for a day or two to hire a storm remediation professional, you may have additional problems to tackle. Instead of waiting, take pictures of all damages and fill out complete records of your property and how it was affected.

The Costs of Damage Increase While You Wait, But Your Reimbursement May Not

Some homeowners worry that cleaning up and making quick repairs will adversely affect their payments from flood insurance providers. Avoid this concern by taking pictures and recording the steps you take as you clean up.

There's a good chance the insurance adjuster will appreciate your efforts because the extent of damage to your home increases the longer water is left standing. As you communicate with the adjuster, you'll get guidance for how to record your steps.

A Response From the Adjuster Could Be Delayed

After a natural disaster such as flooding, insurance adjusters must handle many cases. If you aren't one of the first homeowners to call or if you are located far from the insurance company's location, you may not see one of these professionals for a long time.

Don't wait to get help for your Suwanee, GA, home. Contact a water damage remediation specialist as soon as possible.

What Issues Can Affect Your Business the Most?

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage What Issues Can Affect Your Business the Most? It’s important to inspect the pipes in your workplace regularly to avoid this issue that can affect your business.

When you take a look at your business operations, you do everything you can to build a sustainable, profitable organization. Some things can cut away from these ideals—and they don’t often have anything to do with your products or even how talented and hard-working your staff is. Disasters in the workplace such as flooding from damaged pipes can be costly to any company.

It’s important to identify the potential water issues in your building so you can avoid these emergencies.

The Ramifications

Flooding in the workplace can do much more harm than causes annoyances and messes. Water problems can turn your company upside down if you don’t respond quickly.

Here are some possible consequences:

• Loss of equipment and crucial data.
• Unsafe environment for employees.
• The need to temporarily relocate or even suspend day-to-day work for a time.
• Significant costs on water removal and cleanup.

Biggest Culprits

There are many causes for floods and other water concerns in your Buford, GA workplace. The most common is leaking pipes. This issue can occur when pipes get old and start to weaken. It’s important to inspect the pipes in your workplace regularly, especially if your building is getting along in years. Pipe leaks can send water into the walls or on the floors gradually over a long period without you even noticing.

Sewage Problems

If you notice a foul smell coming from areas of your building, or if toilets start to back up, you know you probably have something potentially worse than damaged pipes: You may be dealing with a backed-up sewer. This can introduce dangerous black water into your facility. If this happens, call a professional water cleanup team immediately.

Old Roof

Make sure you inspect the roof each year, or more regularly if you feel so inclined, to check for weak spots or missing tiles or shingles. A damaged roof against a big rain storm is not a good combination.

Be aware of these potential problems so you can prepare and respond appropriately. You don’t want damaged pipes to put a damper in your business operations.

Types of Storms That Cause Building Damage

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Types of Storms That Cause Building Damage Hail damage on roof in Buford,GA

Each Storm Comes With Its Own Brand of Challenges

Spring storm season in Buford, GA, can put your building's sturdiness to the test. Not all damage is the same, though. Each storm comes with its own brand of challenges.

Hail Storms

Hail can cause a lot of storm damage to the exterior of your building which in turn can affect the interior. Several areas on your building may be susceptible to the effects of hail:

  • Roof, including shingles and skylights
  • Drainage system, including gutters and downspouts
  • Exterior walls, including siding and windows

Inspect your building more frequently during storm season to identify weak spots. It is especially important to look for damage after a hail storm to see if new problems have occurred.


One of the most dreaded types of spring storm is the tornado. If a tornado touches down near your building, damage from high winds and torrential rain will likely be inevitable. The best thing you can do to prepare for such an event is to have an emergency plan that keeps everyone on the lowest level, preferably underground and away from windows, for safety. You can handle the storm cleanup after the danger has passed.


Flooding in your building can be caused by issues such as a pipe break or overflowing toilet, but when flood damage is weather-related, it can be a bigger problem. You can install sump pumps in your building to remove standing water more quickly. It is also a good idea to store documents or valuable items on high shelves and in watertight containers.


Thunderstorms, while less severe than tornadoes, can include multiple dangers. Hail, high winds, lightning and flooding are all common with thunderstorms. All the aforementioned precautions are recommended to protect your building during thunderstorms. You may also consider adding lighting rods to your roof.

A spring storm can lead to all kinds of property damage. Flood cleanup specialists can assess the problems and start the restoration process quickly.

Mold: What Is It and How Should It Be Handled?

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold: What Is It and How Should It Be Handled? If you have mold damage call SERVPRO

How Should Mold Be Handle?

Many business owners fear disasters of all kinds – pipes bursting, power outages, floods, etc. – but one of the biggest fears may be mold or more specifically black mold. This type of fungus is often referred to as toxic, which isn't always the case, and it is often accompanied with panic-induced visions of skulls and crossbones chanting bankruptcy. However, mold is a problem that can be remediated, and if you are a business owner that conducts routine inspections, most likely any fungi problem is minimal. While that little tidbit may put your mind at ease, understanding what mold is and how it should be handled may reduce the level of panic you feel if you ever do experience an infestation.

1. Basics

As a fungus, mold is destructive because it invades porous and nonporous materials alike. While nonporous items are easy to clean, porous items are often destroyed. However, it should be noted that colonization or infestations that require mold cleanup are not the same as spores which are ever-present. Some remediation companies proudly declare that they remove all mold from your facility, but this is not possible because the minute you open a door, window or walk through your building mold spores will follow. However, spores should not be feared nearly as much as colonies.

2. Precautions

While black mold is the species that usually has business owners on edge, all growths should warrant a level of concern and precaution. Color alone does not equate to danger. The mold must be tested to understand the species and precautions merited.

3. Environment and Handling

Mold likely develops from a moisture problem. Therefore, the environment is usually damp, humid and poorly ventilated. Since some molds can be toxic, it is best to hire a mold remediation specialist in the Hamilton Mill, GA, area to handle the removal process.

While black mold is a scary phrase, it does not signify the end of a business. Certified professionals can help you restore your property and get back to work.

Document Restoration 101: What Can It Do for You?

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Even in this high-tech day and age, many companies keep paper versions of their most important documents. Unfortunately, this can pose a high risk when it comes to flood and water damage. While water damage is devastating for furniture and fixtures, it’s absolutely catastrophic for paper documents. Or is it? Document restoration is one way that Buford, GA, businesses can return important documents and photographs to near-new status.

What Can Be Restored?

Documents these days can refer to many different types of materials. The good news is that most things classified as such can be restored with careful document drying and other methods. Besides paper, some things you can restore include:

  • Manuscripts
  • X-rays
  • Parchment
  • Photographs
  • Books or magazines

Even maps and blueprints can be restored with the right expert using proper methods.

How It’s Done

There are two main steps to document restoration - cleaning and document drying. The latter is straight forward, with experts using special dryers, sieves and vacuum tools to remove water from critical documents and leave them in their best shape. Cleaning, on the other hand, is a specialty that only the best firms can handle properly. That process involves using gamma irradiation to remove mold and mildew before it has a chance to destroy your documents down the road.

Many paper restoration companies also offer digitization services, transforming your paper documents into digital files. If your company is prone to flooding, or if you simply want a backup, this is a good service to look for in any paper restoration provider.

Even in our modern era, paper documents still play a big role. When water gets into the mix, however, important information can be lost forever. If water has wreaked havoc on your most important maps, photos, books or plain documents, connect with an experienced SERVPRO document restoration specialist to learn how you can make things like new.

4 Simple Steps To Cleaning Up Sewage Damage

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 4 Simple Steps To Cleaning Up Sewage Damage Sewage back up is contaminated with biological viruses and bacterias

Cleaning Sewage Damage

Sewage backup and spillage is an unpleasant experience for homeowners. It's also hazardous when you consider the water is filled with bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Sewage damage in Suwanee, GA, is due to issues ranging from a flooded toilet to a collapsed pipe. You may be able to handle a small sewer cleanup on your own by following the steps outlined below. Otherwise, you may need the services of a water damage and restoration company.

1. Gather Cleaning Items

Sewage spillages are messy, to say the least. It affects everything from household surfaces to your personal effects. To ensure the cleaning process goes as smoothly as possible, you some basic protective wear, such as rubber boots and disposable gloves. Other helpful items include:

  • Wet/dry vacuum and/or sump pump
  • Fan
  • Dehumidifier
  • Trash bags
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Bucket
  • Sponges

2. Remove Water

You can't start the sewer cleanup until the water is removed from the floor. A wet/dry vacuum helps with this step. Are there excessive amounts of water? Use a sump pump instead.

3. Sort Your Personal Contents

After sewer backup occurs, there are two categories your personal items fall under: those you can clean and those you can't. The following items are salvageable:

  • Clothing
  • Canned goods
  • Furniture
  • Other similar items

Other items must be placed in trash bags and removed from your house. These include carpet, toys, books, cosmetics, paper products, and mattresses. These effects are contaminated and can pose a health threat.

4. Disinfect the Area

Now, it's time to get rid of bacteria on your floors and walls. First, sweep up and remove solid objects off the floor. Next, fill a bucket up with ½ a cup of bleach per one gallon of clean water. Mop the floor then wipe the surfaces with sponges.

Sewage backup and spills are an emergency that requires immediate attention. You probably can handle a simple sewer cleanup. However, when dealing with raw sewage it's best to let a sewage cleanup and restoration company restore your home in a safe manner.

FAQs About Black Mold in Homes

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation FAQs About Black Mold in Homes Mold damage at a Buford, GA home

Black mold is a particularly difficult issue that many homeowners deal with in Buford, GA. It is often associated with a dark color and musty odor and can cause devastating amounts of damage to a home. However, learning about this fungus growth can allow homeowners to take steps to prevent and prepare for its effects.

What Causes It?

Although some types of mold can grow in dry, arid environments, this is generally not the case for black spores. There are a variety of common reasons it may occur, which include the following:

  •  Damp areas affected by water damage
  •  High levels of humidity in kitchens or   bathrooms
  •  Leaks from pipes, ceilings or appliances
  •  Access to any organic material, which can   include wood, drywall, cloth and more

How Quickly Does It Grow?

Although the amount of time it takes for black mold to grow depends on the individual circumstances, it can spread in a matter of days. If an infection has already taken hold, there are things you can do to minimize its impact. Keeping your home dry and reducing airflow in your house when possible can prevent the spores from infecting the rest of your property.

What Is the Remediation Process?

There are various steps in the process of mold remediation, and it’s often wise to contact mold damage restoration experts to handle the job. After the area affected is dry, the infestation is contained and affected items are removed from the home and cleaned. Then, restoration begins. The time it takes to complete the remediation process may depend on the amount and type of damage within a home.

Prevention is often important when it comes to containing spores, and homeowners can use their knowledge about black mold to control it. In order to take precautionary steps, it’s helpful to understand the causes, how quickly it can spread and what the mold cleanup process entails.

Did Disaster Strike at Home? Call SERVPRO for Fast Response

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Did Disaster Strike at Home? Call SERVPRO for Fast Response For any disaster cleanup call SERVPRO of Buford/Suwanee/Hamilton Mill in Suwanne, GA.

It’s not uncommon for Suwanee,GA residents to experience mishaps, misfortunes and minor incidents at home. You’ve probably had a few of your own. But when a catastrophe such as a flood or fire occurs in your house, you desperately need a professional you can trust. There are lots of places to choose from, but you want some who can respond Faster to Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO fits that description and has what it takes to help you recover from a difficult situation.

What SERVPRO Brings to the Table

Other professional restoration companies can make promises about thorough cleanup, but you need a quick response so you can initiate an insurance claim and get your life back in order. SERVPRO has a local office, so its staff can readily assist you. That and other factors set this experienced, skilled emergency response company apart from the competition.

  • Equipped to handle even the largest, most extensive disasters.
  • Have the skill and expertise to do a thorough job.
  • Will respond quickly.

No Job Is Too Large Or Small

Some companies only have the resources to help with minor emergency issues at your home. Other places won’t make your smaller problems a priority and will only handle the most serious problems. SERVPRO can tackle all of your disaster cleanup and restoration needs.

They Have Knowledge and Skill

SERVPRO technicians have helped numerous customers like you with the most urgent needs. The staff is well-trained and also has the right equipment. You can trust the team to decide whether to restore or replace the affected areas of your home.

Prompt Action

SERVPRO is a national brand, but it can arrive Faster to Any Size Disaster at your home because it has an office near you. You won’t have to wait for days or weeks to the professionals to assess your damage and get to work.

It should be clear why SERVPRO is the right choice for a disaster cleanup professional. They can come Faster to Any Size Disaster and can help get you back on your feet.

How Professional Mold Remediation Saves your Home from Destruction

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How Professional Mold Remediation Saves your Home from Destruction Black mold growing inside wall

The growth of black mold in home can lead to the weakening of the house foundation and structures. As a fungus bacteria, mold is sometimes undetectable to the naked eye immediately. Mold is of different types- black, green, brown, white, purple, or orange. Black mold is the most common. The presence of moisture promotes mold growth, so it will help to ask a mold damage and restoration company to begin a remediation and mold removal process not more than two days after water damage in your house.

The Need for Mildew and Black Mold Removal

Mold and mildew can grow on the moisturized or damp places in your home including the carpets, wooden floor, wallpaper, basement, ceiling tiles, HVAC system, bathroom floor, or even the insulation materials. You are most likely to have mold growth in your residence if you sense a smell odor. Homeowners should consult a commercial mold damage technician to assess the house for the risks of mold and mildew.

The Reason Mold Grows in Homes

A wet environment can occur because of a leak in the basement or roof, water overflow if you accidentally leave the taps running, or floods during the rainy season. High humidity levels can lead to mold damage and smelly odor too.

Commercial Mold Damage Remediation

It may not be easy for you to carry out a mold growth remediation or deodorization exercise because the fungus can hide in some unreachable places. For example, mold growth behind the wall can present big challenges to the lay person. If suspect the presence of black mold in your home, consult a commercial mold damage control and restoration company for expert assistance. The firm will send a mold damage control technician to clean the mildew and fungus colonies. The mold removal and mitigation professional will follow the following steps to make your residence fungus-free:

Mold Assessment

Mold removal, assessment, and mitigation procedures involve the inspection of your residence to find out the places fungi bacteria grows. It will require specialized mold damage control technology, infrared video cameras, experience, and skills to locate the mold growth behind the wall.

Water Cleanup

Your restoration company will do a water cleanup and use dehumidifiers to ensure that the home humidity level is below 50-55%. Further, the professional mold mitigation staff can inspect the gutters, the clogged sewer system, broken pipes, and the basement leaks to seal the points contributing to mold growth behind the wall.

Containing the Black Mold in Home

First, the mold in home mitigation professional will isolate the dry rot on wood and stop the spread of fungus to the uncontaminated areas. The use of physical barriers and negative air pressure as well as putting off the fans and the HVAC installations is also necessary.

Air Filtration

The restoration company performs a deodorization procedure, which captures any microscopic mold particles to eliminate the smelly odor, dry rot, and mold in home. The technician can use HEPA vacuuming equipment and air scrubbers in the deodorization process.

Cleaning and Sanitization

As black mold and dry rot can damage your household property, it will be necessary to clean all the mold-infested personal items to avoid fungus infestation in the future. The cleaning, sanitization, and deodorization can ensure there is no more smelly odor or mold growth at home.

Home Restoration

Your commercial mold damage and home restoration company will eventually embark on the remediation of the previously flooded home. The restoration staff will repair the areas destroyed by black mold spores.

As a home or business premises owner, you need to look for any smelly odor coming from the black mold growth behind the wall, ceiling, or basement. If you let the black mold spores or dry rot to remain in your building, you will undoubtedly find it quite expensive to restore your house later, so you should act as soon as the water damage happens.
Visit for more information on mold.