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Commercial Pipe Burst Cleanup

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Pipe Burst Cleanup Pipe bursts in a business can be devastating.

A pipe burst cleanup can look overwhelming at first glance. If you have ever undergone a water cleanup before, then you know that this can be a stressful time. As a business owner, you may find that you are less overwhelmed if you understand the process behind the cleanup.

What Happens During a Pipe Burst Cleanup 

  1. Safety First

You and the restoration company cannot begin pipe burst cleanup procedures until you take the proper safety precautions. Make sure the water is off so that no more can enter the building. Additionally, it may be a wise move to shut down the power. If there are any electrical outlets or appliances that have been soaked, you have to keep an electrical current out of there.

  1. Item Removal

Once you’ve taken care of safety, you can focus on what you can and cannot remove. Take everything that is salvageable outside to dry. You can clean all of your items outside of the building. Keep in mind that contents made out of porous materials can trap mold and mildew and should be thrown away.

  1. Water Extraction

The water extraction could go a number of different ways. If it isn’t too bad, then you can always mop up the water or use towels to soak it up. In some cases, the water cleanup may require you to use a more advanced strategy. If this is the case, you can use a pump to drain water.

  1. Drying and Dehumidifying

After you deal with a supply line leaking, you have to focus on drying out your business the best that you can. You can do this with fans and open windows. However, you can also purchase a dehumidifier. This will get rid of all excess moisture in the building.

A pipe burst cleanup can be difficult to undergo. However, it does not have to be stressful, and with professional assistance you can take care of a flood in Buford, GA quickly and easily.

How to Remove 2 Feet of Water from a Basement

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How to Remove 2 Feet of Water from a Basement Basement flooded due to heavy rains.

Storm Damage in Basement

Flooding can affect every area in the United States, even Buford, GA. In fact, about 90 percent of all natural disasters in the United States are floods. If you own or operate a commercial business, it’s vital for you to know how to prepare for this disaster and what to do if suddenly you find yourself in 2 feet of water.

Have Flood Insurance

Flood insurance may not be part of your business insurance package. Be sure to contact your insurance agent to ensure that your building is protected against flood damage. This small step can help protect your business against financial ruin after a flood.

Have Equipment on Hand

Don’t wait until a flood strikes to have the right equipment to fix the problem. Be prepared to rid your building of flood water by purchasing all of the following:

  • Sump pump
  • Trash pump
  • Truck mount

Of course, these options can be costly, and insurance may not cover the price. If you are worried about purchasing this equipment, have the number of a professional clean up team ready to go, instead.

When You First See the Flood

Do not wade into the flood water in your building’s basement. It could contain black water, which is sewage backup. Instead, take photos and videos of the damage, if possible. Then, get to dry land and call your insurance provider.

Call a Crew

If you have the insurance you need, paying a professional clean-up crew to fix your flood problems is easy. Be sure to find someone who has 24/7 emergency service and can start the restoration process immediately. The longer the water sits, the worse the damage can get.

You may also check with your insurance provider to see if it has a preferred restoration provider. If so, you may choose that company, as rates may be lower and the process can be smoother than if you choose a different business.

If you experience flooding in Buford, GA don’t hesitate to call the professionals.

The Business Claim That Can Bring Your Business to a Halt

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial The Business Claim That Can Bring Your Business to a Halt Water restoration in large facility in Dacula,GA

Making a business claim after your business in Dacula, GA, has sustained flood damage can be a time-consuming and stressful process. Many business owners are unaware that a pipe break is one of the most common causes of water damage to businesses.

What Causes Pipes To Break?

There are a variety of reasons pipes can break or burst in a business. However, some of the most common causes of breaks include:

  • Excessive amounts of rust on the pipes
  • Improper installation
  • A sudden change in water pressure
  • Cold temperatures that allow the water in the pipes to freeze

How Expensive Is Restoration After a Break?

The cost of fixing a broken pipe and restoring a business after water damage has occurred can vary widely, though a broken pipe is likely to result in a costly business claim. Though replacing a single pipe isn't too expensive, replacing an entire plumbing system can cost thousands of dollars, and the cost of restoration can also add up quickly. Many businesses find it helpful to employ flood damage restoration experts to assist in restoring items and structures that have been affected by the flood.

Can This Issue Be Prevented?

Though a broken pipe can cause major damage to a building, it is often possible to prevent a pipe break from occurring in your business. Preventative maintenance can be a useful way to identify any existing issues in your plumbing system. A plumber is also likely to notice leaks and other signs that your pipe may be on its way to breaking, and can often fix or replace the damaged pipe. Employing a reliable plumber to examine your plumbing system routinely can help to prevent major issues with your business's pipes.

An expensive business claim can result in a major headache. However, learning about common causes of breaks, the costs associated with restoration and maintenance to prevent pipe issues can help businesses prevent major pipe problems.

4 Tips for Fixing a Flooded Basement

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage 4 Tips for Fixing a Flooded Basement Call SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill for your flooded basements.

Fixing A Flooded Basement

A basement flood may have many causes; a broken or leaking pipe, a broken water heater, toilet overflow or storm floodwaters, or even a misplaced outdoor hose. While you would not allow any of these to happen on purpose, accidents - and life - will happen. What comes next? How do you start to put things back together?

Steps to Restoration:

1. Remove the water
2. Drying it out
3. Dispose, clean, disinfect
4. Rebuild

Water Extraction

The first thing to do is to remove the water. You may be able to clean a small amount of water by using a shop-vac or other means. For water a few inches or deeper, do not enter the area until the gas and electricity are shut off and then, only if it is clean water such as from a pipe break.

Because of the contaminates that could be present in basement flood waters or sewage water, you’ll want to call a water remediation company in Buford, GA to help remove water safely, dry everything thoroughly, and do an assessment of the structural materials. They can help you understand the ins and outs of insurance coverage, cleanup and restoration issues as well.


Sheetrock may need to be replaced if it is dirty water, as will carpet and other porous building materials. Dispose of unsalvageable items. Those exposed to clean water may be savable if properly dried out. Fans and heaters may help with the drying process.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Non-porous surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected. Other items may possibly be washed or dry-cleaned. An ozone generator may be needed to reduce odors.


Once the drying and cleanup is complete, refinishing can begin. Replace damaged insulation or wiring, sheetrock and woodwork. Repaint or touch up as needed, and install new carpet or flooring at this point.

A basement flood is not a fun ordeal on any level. With some common sense, elbow grease and the proper help, your flooded house can again become your home.

How To Identify Black Mold: 3 Tips

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How To Identify Black Mold: 3 Tips Stachybotrys is known as black mold because of its color

Tips You Can Employ for Recognizing the Stachybotrys Strain

When your Hamilton Mill, GA, home is damaged by a flood, one of the most common side effects is mold growth. However, since there are many different strains of fungi, it can be difficult to identify the most damaging types, such as black mold. While it is a good idea to call in a mold inspection professional for large infestations, there are a few tips you can employ for recognizing the Stachybotrys strain.

1. Inspect the Color

Stachybotrys is known as black mold because of its color. Most growths are very dark in color and may have a dark green tint as well. This type of fungus turns darker the longer it is allowed to grow, so the deeper the hue, the longer the mold has likely been growing.

2. Follow Your Nose

A mold inspection service can find most types of fungi with specialized tools and with visual inspection. In the case of Stachybotrys strains, however, you might be able to scent growths because of the specific smell they give off. As the mold eats and spreads, it gives off waste known as mycotoxins, which create a musty, dirty scent. The odor may remind you of wet, dirty laundry or a damp basement. The stronger the smell, the larger the growth, in most cases.

3. Inspect the Texture

Most types of house mold are different, but some share a few characteristics. If you are unsure of what strain you are dealing with, you may be able to tell by its texture. Unlike some fungi, black mold is not fuzzy and is likely to have a slimy surface instead. If you are fairly sure the fungus in your home is Stachybotrys, it is wise to leave its removal to a mold remediation and removal service.

It can be stressful for you as a Hamilton Mill, GA, homeowner when a mold inspection turns up black fungi growths. Knowing how to identify this strain can help you alert your removal technicians quickly and make you feel more confident about the cleanup process.

How do I dry my warehouse after a water loss?

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial How do I dry my warehouse after a water loss? Water Damage in a local Business in Buford, GA.

Experiencing a water loss can be a stressful time for your business. SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill has the experience and team in place to help you from start to finish with any size loss.

Steps for restoring a commercial water loss.

  1. Contact your restoration contract provide immediately. Getting them on site quickly is critical to prevent secondary damages form happening.
  2. Start the water extraction process quickly. This will get the facility ready for the drying process. Once the facility is dry, the repair and rebuild process can begin.
  3. It is critical along the whole way to make sure you document each step of the job. This can include great notes, pictures before, during and after and any other details about the job.
  4. After all that is done the rebuild process can begin to get the facility back to pre loss condition.

How do I get water out of my house?

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How do I get water out of my house? Water Damage in a downtown home in Buford, GA. SERVPRO was there to help with the proper equipment.

Water can be something that comes in our home when we don't want it in there. When it does it is important to understand what needs to happen to get it cleaned and restored back to pre loss condition.

How to get your house back to normal.

  1. When you have a water damage small or large, it is important to get all of the water extracted immediately. If the water sits, it can start to cause secondary damage, like mold.
  2. Once all of the water is removed, drying equipment can be placed throughout the house. The equipment needs to run non stop until the monitoring shows the house is dry.
  3. Once the drying process is complete, the home can start to be put back together. SERVPRO has the ability to complete the job from start to finish.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us at anytime. SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill is prepared to respond quickly and avoid further damage to your house. 

5 Safe and Effective Scented Candle Alternatives

5/13/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 5 Safe and Effective Scented Candle Alternatives Essential oil diffusers are a healthier alternative to canister aerosols for a better smelling home

Flame-Free Alternatives

Like many homeowners in Hamilton Mill, GA, you may enjoy infusing your home with pleasant aromas. Although scented candles may be a popular choice, an open flame indoors is a potential hazard, especially in the presence of pets and young children. To minimize the risk of a candle fire and a potentially costly fire and smoke cleanup, you should consider utilizing safer, flame-free alternatives.

1. Reed Diffuser

Instead of burning fragrant wax, a reed diffuser employs scented oil, which is absorbed by reeds. The scent is then distributed through air particles. This efficient candle alternative can often last for several months and requires no electricity.

2. Essential Oil Diffuser

Like reed diffusers, this product utilizes aromatic oils. Some models use heat and water to disperse particles while others may employ fans. In addition to an appealing variety of scents, many essential oils can also sanitize the air by eliminating bacteria.

3. Wax Warmers

Wax warmers offer a means to melt scented wax without the risk of a candle fire. A lightbulb warms the wax, allowing it to emit its aroma as it melts.

Although this is a safer option than an open flame, both the melted solution and device can become hot. As a result, you should instruct children to refrain from touching the warmer while it’s in use.

4. Plug-ins

Electrical plug-ins can also be effective room deodorizers. These devices use oil and a porous fiberglass wick to disperse scent. Some may include a convenient feature that allows you to control the intensity of the fragrance released, helping you achieve your preferred aroma.

5. Automatic Sprayers

An automatic deodorizer dispenser is another candle alternative that emits fragrance at predetermined intervals. Some models may also be activated by light or motions sensors. Like many other options, these devices can last for an extended period.

Although pretty and fragrant, burning candles leaves your residence vulnerable to a potentially destructive candle fire. Selecting an effective alternative can offer peace of mind as well as safeguard the integrity of your home.

Act Now: Why It's Important Not to Wait for the Insurance Adjuster

5/3/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Act Now: Why It's Important Not to Wait for the Insurance Adjuster Call SERVPRO for immediate help if your home is damaged by a natural disaster.

Storm damages require immediate action from a professional with flood damage experience, the right resources to deal with the issue, and the ability to respond right away. Too often homeowners wait until their flood insurance adjuster can respond before taking action. This is a mistake for several reasons.

The Role of Insurance Adjusters

These professionals evaluate insurance claims, deciding whether an insurance company will pay a claim. Some of their duties include

  • Determining the appropriate amount to pay
  • Ensuring that claims aren't fraudulent
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Authorizing payments

What they don't do is make sure your home and family are protected from flood damage and any related dangers. It's important to contact that professional right away, but don't wait for a response before you begin repairing your home.

Mold Takes Hold Quickly

It only takes 24 hours for mold damage to begin after high humidity, flooding, or standing water from other causes. If you wait for a day or two to hire a storm remediation professional, you may have additional problems to tackle. Instead of waiting, take pictures of all damages and fill out complete records of your property and how it was affected.

The Costs of Damage Increase While You Wait, But Your Reimbursement May Not

Some homeowners worry that cleaning up and making quick repairs will adversely affect their payments from flood insurance providers. Avoid this concern by taking pictures and recording the steps you take as you clean up.

There's a good chance the insurance adjuster will appreciate your efforts because the extent of damage to your home increases the longer water is left standing. As you communicate with the adjuster, you'll get guidance for how to record your steps.

A Response From the Adjuster Could Be Delayed

After a natural disaster such as flooding, insurance adjusters must handle many cases. If you aren't one of the first homeowners to call or if you are located far from the insurance company's location, you may not see one of these professionals for a long time.

Don't wait to get help for your Suwanee, GA, home. Contact a water damage remediation specialist as soon as possible.

What Issues Can Affect Your Business the Most?

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage What Issues Can Affect Your Business the Most? It’s important to inspect the pipes in your workplace regularly to avoid this issue that can affect your business.

When you take a look at your business operations, you do everything you can to build a sustainable, profitable organization. Some things can cut away from these ideals—and they don’t often have anything to do with your products or even how talented and hard-working your staff is. Disasters in the workplace such as flooding from damaged pipes can be costly to any company.

It’s important to identify the potential water issues in your building so you can avoid these emergencies.

The Ramifications

Flooding in the workplace can do much more harm than causes annoyances and messes. Water problems can turn your company upside down if you don’t respond quickly.

Here are some possible consequences:

• Loss of equipment and crucial data.
• Unsafe environment for employees.
• The need to temporarily relocate or even suspend day-to-day work for a time.
• Significant costs on water removal and cleanup.

Biggest Culprits

There are many causes for floods and other water concerns in your Buford, GA workplace. The most common is leaking pipes. This issue can occur when pipes get old and start to weaken. It’s important to inspect the pipes in your workplace regularly, especially if your building is getting along in years. Pipe leaks can send water into the walls or on the floors gradually over a long period without you even noticing.

Sewage Problems

If you notice a foul smell coming from areas of your building, or if toilets start to back up, you know you probably have something potentially worse than damaged pipes: You may be dealing with a backed-up sewer. This can introduce dangerous black water into your facility. If this happens, call a professional water cleanup team immediately.

Old Roof

Make sure you inspect the roof each year, or more regularly if you feel so inclined, to check for weak spots or missing tiles or shingles. A damaged roof against a big rain storm is not a good combination.

Be aware of these potential problems so you can prepare and respond appropriately. You don’t want damaged pipes to put a damper in your business operations.