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Mold: What Is It and How Should It Be Handled?

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

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How Should Mold Be Handle?

Many business owners fear disasters of all kinds – pipes bursting, power outages, floods, etc. – but one of the biggest fears may be mold or more specifically black mold. This type of fungus is often referred to as toxic, which isn't always the case, and it is often accompanied with panic-induced visions of skulls and crossbones chanting bankruptcy. However, mold is a problem that can be remediated, and if you are a business owner that conducts routine inspections, most likely any fungi problem is minimal. While that little tidbit may put your mind at ease, understanding what mold is and how it should be handled may reduce the level of panic you feel if you ever do experience an infestation.

1. Basics

As a fungus, mold is destructive because it invades porous and nonporous materials alike. While nonporous items are easy to clean, porous items are often destroyed. However, it should be noted that colonization or infestations that require mold cleanup are not the same as spores which are ever-present. Some remediation companies proudly declare that they remove all mold from your facility, but this is not possible because the minute you open a door, window or walk through your building mold spores will follow. However, spores should not be feared nearly as much as colonies.

2. Precautions

While black mold is the species that usually has business owners on edge, all growths should warrant a level of concern and precaution. Color alone does not equate to danger. The mold must be tested to understand the species and precautions merited.

3. Environment and Handling

Mold likely develops from a moisture problem. Therefore, the environment is usually damp, humid and poorly ventilated. Since some molds can be toxic, it is best to hire a mold remediation specialist in the Hamilton Mill, GA, area to handle the removal process.

While black mold is a scary phrase, it does not signify the end of a business. Certified professionals can help you restore your property and get back to work.