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FAQs About Black Mold in Homes

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation FAQs About Black Mold in Homes Mold damage at a Buford, GA home

Black mold is a particularly difficult issue that many homeowners deal with in Buford, GA. It is often associated with a dark color and musty odor and can cause devastating amounts of damage to a home. However, learning about this fungus growth can allow homeowners to take steps to prevent and prepare for its effects.

What Causes It?

Although some types of mold can grow in dry, arid environments, this is generally not the case for black spores. There are a variety of common reasons it may occur, which include the following:

  •  Damp areas affected by water damage
  •  High levels of humidity in kitchens or   bathrooms
  •  Leaks from pipes, ceilings or appliances
  •  Access to any organic material, which can   include wood, drywall, cloth and more

How Quickly Does It Grow?

Although the amount of time it takes for black mold to grow depends on the individual circumstances, it can spread in a matter of days. If an infection has already taken hold, there are things you can do to minimize its impact. Keeping your home dry and reducing airflow in your house when possible can prevent the spores from infecting the rest of your property.

What Is the Remediation Process?

There are various steps in the process of mold remediation, and it’s often wise to contact mold damage restoration experts to handle the job. After the area affected is dry, the infestation is contained and affected items are removed from the home and cleaned. Then, restoration begins. The time it takes to complete the remediation process may depend on the amount and type of damage within a home.

Prevention is often important when it comes to containing spores, and homeowners can use their knowledge about black mold to control it. In order to take precautionary steps, it’s helpful to understand the causes, how quickly it can spread and what the mold cleanup process entails.

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