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Water Damage and the Issues Associated with It

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage and the Issues Associated with It

When dealing with water damage due to water in the home or water in a business, there is a myriad of additional problems that may occur, creating the need for costly repairs, and because of this, there are several critical steps that you need to take for the mitigation of damages. With water cleanup due to flood damage or a flooded home, you are always dealing with a time sensitive issue, and without addressing the situation as quickly as possible, the chances of mitigation becomes a less likely. Flood damage due to water in the home or water in the business can have a wide array of causes, many of which present their own set of challenges. A supply line break or a pipe break can often be the culprit when dealing with water in the home or water in a business, as they can be affected by factors such as inclement weather, such as freezing weather, or may also be a result of neglect over time. When dealing with a supply line break or a pipe break, water damage may actually be hidden behind a wall, making it more difficult to assess or access.

Flood damage due to water in the home or water in a business should be handled in a very specific manner in order to maximize the chances of damage mitigation, as well as to decrease the chances of inflated costs. During water cleanup, the first step that you should take is to contact your insurance company. When speaking with the insurance company, it is imperative that you detail the issues in the flooded home to the best of your ability, as this will help to assess costs, as well as keep you abreast of your responsibilities during the restoration process. Once you have contacted your insurance company about the flooded home, detailing the pertinent information, the next step you should take is to contact a restoration company that can properly handle your situation. Due to the nature of the water damage process, your insurance company should be able to recommend a restoration company in your immediate area that would best fit your situation. A restoration company is usually available 24 hours a day, as water damage is often an unexpected occurrence. It is also important to pick the proper restoration company, as depending on the state regulations, your company may not be allowed to handle additional damages to your property. In many instances, a restoration company is only contracted to remove the standing water on the property, including implementing an effective plan for drying but may not be able to restore a wall or separate obstruction that may have to be removed to assess a supply line break or a pipe break. As common as a supply line break or a pipe break may be in a flooded home, the location and severity of the break are the defining factors that regulate cost during the restoration process.

With flood damage, any items that may obstruct the company’s ability to remove the water will have to be removed and may incur additional costs to the owner of the home or business. During water cleanup, the final step in the process is drying. Drying is imperative to the overall restoration process, as improper drying may result in a myriad of additional issues. During the drying process, the company that you have chosen for restoration may bring in industrial strength pump to ensure that the process is completed quickly and efficiently. At the end of the water cleanup process, if you have taken quick action, damage mitigation should have been achieved with the flooded home.
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Tips for Handling Commercial Fire Damage

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

Tips for Handling Commercial Fire Damage

Fire damage is probably one of the most devastating aspects of home disasters. It can be problematic to get rid of the soot damage and any eventual smoke damage that lingers after a fire hose has been used. Plus, a fire hose adds water to the area, so now you'll be dealing with immense water damage along with the other issues from a firefighter. Whether it was an electrical fire or utility room fire, it's important to have commercial fire damage repaired and restored as soon as possible.

How to Deal with Fire Damage

If you do not currently have a fire sprinkler system or fire suppression system, you are going to need to invest in something. Most firefighter professionals will tell you that in order to prevent fire damage and commercial fire damage altogether, you're going to need a fire sprinkler system. They even have them on their fire trucks, so it's ideal to see how it works for them. The fire sprinkler system should be placed around the business office to prevent an electrical fire or utility room fire from spreading.

Effects of Smoke Damage and Resulting Soot Damage

The main issue with fire damage and commercial fire damage is the resulting soot damage and smoke damage that is prevent after a fire hose has been used. This smoke damage may not only smell up the house or office, but it can also be quite unhealthy to breathe in and live around. If the firefighters have put out the fire, chances are that you're still going to be left with soot damage and a lot of smoke damage. The best way to get rid of this is to hire a company that specializes in commercial fire damage repair. Fire restoration can be easily done by their professionals.

How Does Fire Restoration Work?

Fire restoration works after the firefighters are done using their fire hoses and fire trucks. They will come out to your place of business and deal with both the soot damage and any remaining smoke damage that has been left behind. They can also help to install a fire sprinkler system if this is something you feel will benefit you in any way possible. The fire suppression system is ideal for preventing the fire from getting out of hand. Fire suppression is often used in conjunction with other things, so it's best to ask the pros to see what's right for you. The fire restoration experts can tell you what you need.

Tips from a Firefighter

After the fire truck has left and fire suppression was put into place, you will need to find out what caused the fire to begin with. For instance, you might have dealt with an electrical fire or a utility room fire, and you now need to get to the root cause of the issue. An electrical fire and utility room fire can be remedied by speaking with an electrician who can run new wiring and get your home back up to code. You will also want to ask the pros working the fire trucks if they have any suggestions.

Now that you know how important it is for you to hire the experts to do all of this type of work, it is imperative that you contact a local restoration expert so that they can come out to your place of business and help you out. This is something that will help tremendously and give you the insight that you need to get on with your life. There are a lot of people who are currently working on these methods, so be sure to consider it for yourself to know that this is something beneficial that is going to help prevent a myriad of fire-related problems in your future. There are so many options available to meet your needs as well as your available budget.
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Why You Need Professional Storm Damage Restoration

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

Why You Need Professional Storm Damage Restoration

Any homestead can experience storm damage. Potential causes of flood water include hurricanes, hail and ice storms, and freezing weather and ice dam. Storms can harm property and lives via storm surge, ice damming, hurricane damage, or torrential rains causing road impassibility, roof leak, flooding, river flooding, lightning, vertical wind shear, and wildfires. Homes that encounter storm damage, wind damage, and hail damage, should consult professionals immediately for storm remediation. This article outlines the process for storm damage restoration in home restoration.

Experts respond immediately to cases that involve flood water, ice dam, frozen pipes, hurricane damage and ground water to enable home restoration and storm restoration. They use advanced techniques and equipment like flood pump to eradicate the water caused by hail damage or ice damming. The companies closely screen and document the entire flooding procedure during the storm remediation. The reputable restoration companies have enough staffs to work on ice damage, wind damage, frozen pipes, and roof damage to avoid roof leak.

Property owners should seek professional help from highly trained specialists for water restoration, flood water, home restoration, roof repair, river flooding and to minimize the hurricane damage, hail damage. Experts mobilize their services to provide a solution to frozen pipes, ice dam, and any disaster size without wasting time. Reputable firms have franchises that they merge to make sure the residents get the best storm restoration, flood pump, andstorm remediation. The innovative water restoration techniques and tools help to identify hidden moisture, clean and dry the building, and remove standing water, ground water, and river flooding.

The professionals who work in stormy areas follow strict steps to rectify storm damage, water restoration, wind damage, home restoration, roof damage, roof repair, and water damage restoration during storm restoration. They urge the victims to use their emergency numbers to contact them for the quick response on matters involving hail damage, ice dam, flood water and ground water. Their teams are readily available, and they have trucks to facilitate their movement and flood pump. Once the specialists get to the home, they start by assessing the damage caused by excessive waters to generate reports about the water damage. Sealing allows the service providers to block holes on the walls or roofs that could worsen the situation and cause roof leak.

The next move in storm restoration and storm remediation is extracting the waters using the certified methods and tools for water restoration. The team carries out roof repair, flood pump, and evacuate people from the building safely. In adverse conditions like river flooding and ice damming, they airlift victims to protect people from further damages. All staffs are conversant with the tools, and they work together to avoid hurricane damage, frozen pipes, ice damming, and ice damage. They will uplift furniture from the waters and switch off electrical connections as they remove the water. Hiring the best contractors will mean successful storm remediation.

Dehumidification and drying processes try to take the rooms back to their normal state before the ice damage. The entities use special gadgets to dry furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, and kitchenware. Cleaning starts when the building is free from flooded water.

Restoration Process

After the water cleanup step that leaves the rooms thoroughly dry, the team implements the restoration procedure for storm remediation. Water in residential areas affects the living conditions like the wallboards, floor tiles, and electrical wiring. Water in home areas would create big problems involving roof damage, heating, wiring, and plumbing. Flood damage experts must conduct a detailed inspection to gauge the scope of the situation and efficiency of water cleanup processes. Treatment of the remaining fittings and fixtures follows to protect them against mold and roof leak. Remodeling will proceed to resume the normal activities of the families.


Restoration teams are turning to mitigation process as a remedy for homes located in stormy surroundings. The method makes sure that the flooding does not occur again. Professionals will inspect the area more frequently, roof repair, or tighten water valves. Specialists must discuss mitigation option by balancing costs against the risk of possible flood damage.

A flooded compound is unsafe. The area needs prompt cleaning, drying, and restoring to make it usable. Professionals are ideal for both large-scale flooding problems and residential areas. Damage experts also advise owners on how to plan, implement and inspect repairs and ways to deal with wind damage, ground water, ice damage and roof damage. Taking timely actions help to lessen damage and reinstate the building to a usable state while controlling the costs.
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What You Need to Know About Professional Water Damage Restoration

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

What You Need to Know About Professional Water Damage Restoration

If you have recently dealt with water in your business or water in a home, you know how horrible it can be to have flood damage and water damage. Because of this, it helps to get water cleanup done as soon as possible by hiring a professional mitigation restoration company. These companies bring all of their own tools, which makes it easy to get what you need. The flood might have been the result of a supply line break or pipe break, but the water cleanup works the same way.

What Involves Water Damage

The main issue with water damage is that it can cause a lot of issues for your household and family. If left to become stagnant and absorb into carpeting and wood, you will deal with wood rot that takes away from the integrity of your home, making it difficult to live there with your loved ones. Water damage can become more problematic down the road as it is able to do more damage to your house. Because of this, you need to get water cleanup finalized by a mitigation agency local to you specializing in restoration of flood damage.

How to Get Water Cleanup and Drying Done

The first step to getting flood damage cleaned up and go through thorough drying is to contact a mitigation restoration company. The restoration company may ask a lot of questions about the different types of damage done to the home before coming out. The restoration experts will also come out to assess the flood damage for you, ensuring that you know what is going to be involved in cleaning it up. Drying isn't the only thing that needs to be done, as many restoration experts will also need to throw away insulation and wood if it is allowed to become too wet. The company may also be able to find the supply line break or pipe break before doing the drying so that it is not allowed to get any worse.

Why Mitigation and Restoration Should Be Done by the Pros

When you have water in your home or are dealing with a significant amount of water in the business office, it can be difficult to handle on your own. A flooded home is problematic in that there is a lot of cleanup that needs to be done. Thankfully, there are professional companies out there specializing in caring for the average flooded home. They handle all of the damage of water in a business office or if you have water in a home or residence. Because of this, you aren't left doing the work on your own after a supply line break or pipe break happens.

How to Hire a Restoration Company

The best way for you to hire a professional company for your flooded home is to contact several in the area to get a feel for what they are offering. They will be able to send a professional out to assess any and all damage before you make the decision to hire them for their services. They will tell you if it is possible to cleanup after water in a home has destroyed the area, making it impossible to properly dry. If you have water in a business office, you also need to contact this company to handle the situation.

How to Handle a Flooded Home

Whether it is from a pipe break in the house or a supply line break from the town or city you're living in, it is vitally important that you make use of a restoration company to get the work done for you. There is no reason to do this on your own when there are tons of people who are there to make life easier for you by doing the drying and cleaning for you in a quick and highly efficient manner.
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Best Fire Cleanup Practices

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Best Fire Cleanup Practices

Fire damage varies with how fast fire is put out. Destruction may be minimal and the victim can restore the appearance of the structure needs to be done professionally. After the fire is put out, it leaves behind its product which will continue to affect the house if fire cleanup is not done.

Fire damage restoration companies are professionals who restore a place to its pre -fire damage conditions. The restoration companies have professionals are trained in fire cleanup and commercial fire damage maintenance. The fire cleanup services will vary according to where the fire damage occurred.

Fire in home may affect just a family while a fire in business will affect one business unit or many units. Fire and smoke damage restoration require skills. These professionals and restoration company are trained to clean fire damages, smoke smell, roof-trap and board up, clean smoke damages, soot damages and restore the items both domestic and commercial fire damage and soot damage.

In an event that fire in business breaks out and is put out, it’s advisable one to get in touch with fire damage restoration professionals soon enough for fire clean up. Professional restoration Company prevents further damages caused by fire and smoke products such as smoke cells, soot, and ash. Ash discolor surfaces, while smoke and soot cause corrosion and smoke smell. If the professional is not hired early enough the process of fire damage restoration becomes expensive with time.

The first fire cleanup activity the professionals do when he/she arrives at a building damaged by fire is to assess the full extent of damage which includes the impact fire products such as smoke, heat and ash and their respective damages. He then informs the owner of the action plan to be taken to have a full restoration.

The next step is roof- trap, and board up. The restoration company will be expected to replace walls, roofs, and windows in case the fire destroyed them. Board up of walls and windows is done to maintain the security of the properties in the house if it was a fire in home or a fire in business and roof-trap is done to protect the goods from further personal and commercial damages by forces of nature.

During fire extinguishing process, water mixed with industrial Carbon dioxide is used. Normally, fire in home is put out using water. In the process, items get soaked with water. The next process after board up is drying the place. It is done mainly using dehumidifiers or air movers. Water is removed because it causes a corrosive effect when it mixes with smoke and ash which are both acidic. Their effects are adverse in the long run.

After drying, the fire damages restoration can tackle smoke damages and soot damages. Smoke damages cause discoloring of the wall marked by black spots of soot and characterized by smoke smell. The assessment of the damage should indicate whether the smoke damage can be cleaned or the wall and ceiling require repainting. The professionals have specialized skills and equipment to get rid of smoke cells and soot from surfaces.

Fire damages results to bad smoke odors. After cleaning smoke damages and soot damage, the bad smoke smell will still exist. The process of removing odors is done by first cleaning all items which had contacted fire and are restorable. Air is then cleaned using industrial air scrubbers, Airwash purifiers, and fogging equipment.
The last part of fire damage restoration is restoration. This involves all the activities not discussed above which make the place resemble its pre- fire conditions. These activities include:-
• Major repairs such as reconstruction of rooms where board up is not possible
• Minor repairs such as painting and installing new carpets
• Replacing the completely destroyed item especially for commercial fire damages
• Fire in business protective measures
Fire causes losses, both personal and commercial. Fire in homes results in the destruction of household goods whereas fire in businesses destroys our sources of income. In the event that fire occurs and causes these personal and commercial fire damages, hiring a professional restoration company takes one back to pre-fire environment one was used to.
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How Professional Mold Remediation Saves your Home from Destruction

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How Professional Mold Remediation Saves your Home from Destruction

The growth of black mold in home can lead to the weakening of the house foundation and structures. As a fungus bacteria, mold is sometimes undetectable to the naked eye immediately. Mold is of different types- black, green, brown, white, purple, or orange. Black mold is the most common. The presence of moisture promotes mold growth, so it will help to ask a mold damage and restoration company to begin a remediation and mold removal process not more than two days after water damage in your house.

The need for Mildew and Black Mold Removal

Mold and mildew can grow on the moisturized or damp places in your home including the carpets, wooden floor, wallpaper, basement, ceiling tiles, HVAC system, bathroom floor, or even the insulation materials. You are most likely to have mold growth in your residence if you sense a smell odor. Homeowners should consult a commercial mold damage technician to assess the house for the risks of mold and mildew.

The Reason Mold Grows in Homes

A wet environment can occur because of a leak in the basement or roof, water overflow if you accidentally leave the taps running, or floods during the rainy season. High humidity levels can lead to mold damage and smelly odor too.

Commercial Mold Damage Remediation

It may not be easy for you to carry out a mold growth remediation or deodorization exercise because the fungus can hide in some unreachable places. For example, mold growth behind the wall can present big challenges to the lay person. If suspect the presence of black mold in your home, consult a commercial mold damage control and restoration company for expert assistance. The firm will send a mold damage control technician to clean the mildew and fungus colonies. The mold removal and mitigation professional will follow the following steps to make your residence fungus-free:

Mold Assessment

Mold removal, assessment, and mitigation procedures involve the inspection of your residence to find out the places fungi bacteria grows. It will require specialized mold damage control technology, infrared video cameras, experience, and skills to locate the mold growth behind the wall.

Water Cleanup

Your restoration company will do a water cleanup and use dehumidifiers to ensure that the home humidity level is below 50-55%. Further, the professional mold mitigation staff can inspect the gutters, the clogged sewer system, broken pipes, and the basement leaks to seal the points contributing to mold growth behind the wall.

Containing the Black Mold in Home

First, the mold in home mitigation professional will isolate the dry rot on wood and stop the spread of fungus to the uncontaminated areas. The use of physical barriers and negative air pressure as well as putting off the fans and the HVAC installations is also necessary.

Air Filtration

The restoration company performs a deodorization procedure, which captures any microscopic mold particles to eliminate the smelly odor, dry rot, and mold in home. The technician can use HEPA vacuuming equipment and air scrubbers in the deodorization process.

Cleaning and Sanitization

As black mold and dry rot can damage your household property, it will be necessary to clean all the mold-infested personal items to avoid fungus infestation in the future. The cleaning, sanitization, and deodorization can ensure there is no more smelly odor or mold growth at home.

Home Restoration

Your commercial mold damage and home restoration company will eventually embark on the remediation of the previously flooded home. The restoration staff will repair the areas destroyed by black mold spores.

As a home or business premises owner, you need to look for any smelly odor coming from the black mold growth behind the wall, ceiling, or basement. If you let the black mold spores or dry rot to remain in your building, you will undoubtedly find it quite expensive to restore your house later, so you should act as soon as the water damage happens.
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Commercial Clients in Suwanee Find SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan Sweet Music, Calming Your Fears

7/1/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Clients in Suwanee Find SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan Sweet Music, Calming Your Fears SERVPRO's ERP Plan Mitigates Water Damage to Commercial Properties in Suwanee

For Minimal Water Damage Loss to Your Inventory Prepare a Plan with SERVPRO

A business that stocks and sells beautifully crafted musical instruments is extremely vulnerable to damage caused by leaks, plumbing failures, or flooding. Taking the time to work with a reputable restoration company to develop a strategy before a water disaster strikes is prudent. SERVPRO leads the industry with our proactive Emergency Ready Plan and Profile.
The possibility of water damage is a serious concern for your Suwanee stringed instrument shop. Painstakingly shaped and formed, the violins, violas, cellos, and basses you curate for rental and sale appeal to beginning and expert musicians, and everyone in between. A water emergency on your sale floor or storage areas means the potential ruin of the instruments and your business. Our experienced project managers stand ready to develop a comprehensive plan with you to limit the loss if water intrudes.
SERVPRO is proud to offer a timely and unique answer to the devastation of a future flood or leaky roof. The Emergency Ready Plan is a personalized blueprint for water damage disaster abatement intended to prepare you for the unexpected and give clear direction to our crews should water damage become an issue.
Call to schedule an assessment of the risks water damage poses to your niche business. A seasoned SERVPRO SMR visits your space to get a sense of the challenges your business may face if water damage occurs. We identify ways to minimize the danger and help you determine how you want to manage priorities in the face of water damage. Our supervisor maps out your place of business, noting where crucial equipment and tools like shut off valves can be found.
You then use a mobile device to complete your Emergency Ready Profile. In it, you may appoint surrogates to make decisions in your absence and notify our team of a broad range of issues that may surface and how you wish to handle them. The Emergency Plan and Profile are free of charge to complete, but give both you, as the business owner, and us, as the restoration company, a head start toward a successful resolution to any water damage that befalls your shop. Should a water emergency strike, you hold the tool to notify SERVPRO in the palm of your hand. We try to prevent at best, and at worst, mitigate water damage repercussions.
SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill is up to the challenge of preparing for and then responding to a water damage disaster in your violin store. Call (770) 945-5355 to set up an appointment to complete the Emergency Ready Plan and Profile.

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Containing Smoke from a Bedroom Fire in Your Sugar Hill Home

6/18/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Containing Smoke from a Bedroom Fire in Your Sugar Hill Home Fire damage in the bedroom can be devastating. Call SERVPRO to help guide you through the entire restoration process.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Restore Large and Small Areas Damaged by Fire

It is not uncommon to see a fire begin in a bedroom. Several things can start a fire, and there are plenty of items in a bedroom that are flammable. Smoking materials such as matches, lighters, and candles are the most obvious fire starters. However, things such as overloaded outlets, lithium batteries in chargers for phones or toys, and appliances left plugged in, and unattended such as hairdryers can also start a fire.
When you experience a small fire in your bedroom that was put out before damaging any other part of your Sugar Hill home, you still want to contact professionals such as SERVPRO to help you clean up and repair the fire damage. After the fire is out, be sure to keep the door closed so that smoke odors and soot residues cannot travel to other parts of your home. Do not let anyone open the door or use the bedroom until it is restored.
Smoke and soot can sometimes cause more damage than the fire itself, especially if allowed to get into unaffected areas of the home. The soot is acidic and can corrode metals and other materials in your home, and the odors from smoke will settle into many materials in adjacent rooms. You should reach out to us at SERVPRO as soon as the fire is out. This way, we can come clean up the smoke and soot before it has a chance to sit for too long.
Our technicians are well experienced and trained in cleaning up after a fire. We know that containing a small area, such as a bedroom, in a home to keep the smoke odor from spreading throughout the rest of your home is the best thing to avoid additional damage. We work quickly to clean up the fire damage, smoke, and any water from firefighting efforts so that your home can be restored to its previous condition.
Trust SERVPRO of Buford/Suwanee/Hamilton to take care of your home after a small fire. We can be reached any time you need by dialing (770) 945-5355.

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Buford Reconstruction and Storm Damage Restoration

6/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Buford Reconstruction and Storm Damage Restoration From Storm Water Removal to Building Block Walls, Call SERVPRO to Rebuild Your Buford Home

SERVPRO Removes Water and Rebuilds Storm Damages in Your Buford Home

Water damage happens when flooding from storms or broken plumbing does not drain properly. Although thunderstorms and tornadoes make for great headlines and news breaks, ruptured water lines, broken toilets, and overflowing sinks cost more is repair and replacement.

Home reconstruction in Buford needs more than a skilled homeowner. Roof repairs, a cracked foundation, or replacing walls and plumbing needs trained personnel who know more than just which end of a paintbrush to grab. SERVPRO has over 20 years rebuilding houses and condos and supporting our neighbors here in Georgia.

Our first step is to examine your home and secure it against further damage. After we remove any standing water, our inspectors check everything from the carpets to the roof. We board up all entrances and cover damage to the walls and roof with tarps or plywood sheeting.

Now come the floors. Our technicians can adjust a foundation if it has moved due to the ground underneath washing away. We also remove damaged sections, build new forms, lay in new rebar and pour new concrete. When completed and dried, you cannot tell our new section from the original foundation.

Repairing or laying down a new roof is next. We remove the damaged tiles and support structure (usually in a single day). We may temporarily remove the insulation to ensure that our work crews do not accidentally step off the framing and through the ceiling. If needed our crews have the equipment and training to remove and replace even the main support beam.

With a new floor and roof in place, it is time for the walls. Our technicians remove all damaged drywall, paneling and other building materials and then inspect the framing. We remove all damaged pieces, placing temporary support columns if necessary. If the roof supports them, we can also make changes to the floor plans, moving walls and altering the size of the living room, kitchen and other parts of the house. Consider our technicians. Yes, they are IICRC industry certified in fire and water restoration and cleanup, but we can do so much more.

The weather is nice now, but there are more storms on the way. If you need our services this week or if you want to schedule an inspection to help prevent future losses, call us today at (770) 945-5355. SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill is here to help.

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Water Damage can be Prevented with Immediate Attention in Suwanee Homes

5/29/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage can be Prevented with Immediate Attention in Suwanee Homes Baths can be fun for kids but they can also flood your bathroom and cause water damage should they become unattended. Call SERVPRO to remediate.

SERVPRO's Quick Response Helps to Prevent Any Secondary Damage From Occurring

Even the best babysitters make mistakes when watching over your children. Forgetting to turn the bathtub water off is one of them. Taking care of children is not always an easy job, and getting sidetracked can result in an overflowing tub full of warm water.
Parents wanting a date-night in Suwanee might think everything is going smoothly only to get a call about flooding in the bathroom, which can cause standing water that can quickly lead to water damage. This water can affect so much more than the carpeting in your bathroom – it can eventually cause trouble all over your home.
Water damage can take different forms. Mold, deterioration of materials, compression of insulation and subsequent loss of insulating properties, weakening of floors, flaking paint, and much more, just because of a tub that overflowed and was never remediated properly. SERVPRO technicians are the people you want to make sure that all of the possible damage is prevented from occurring.
Water damage is not something you want to happen to your home. We can help you protect your home and your belongings at the same time. We know that water does not stand still, but that it moves rapidly away from the source. If it cannot move down, it often moves sideways, seeping into the pores of wood floors, in between cracks in floorboards and tiles, and even further down and away from the bathroom. This is not the only way water can move from one area or floor to another.
Water has three states, and within your home, it can take two of those – liquid and gas. Water may seem to dry, but the vapor is still in the air, flowing through the home from place to place. Colder areas can force this moisture to condense and settle in an area. Then, it can create additional damage there, as well. With the use of moisture meters, we take readings of the home in each room, helping us locate areas that have higher-than-normal humidity.
We have a variety of tools that we use to prevent water damage from happening in your home. Prevention is always easier, and less costly, both financially and emotionally than waiting for problems to become evident. Once water damage has appeared, not only must that damage be removed and repaired, but the humidity must still be eliminated.
Among our equipment, we have commercial grade dehumidifiers that quickly take the new moisture out of the air. Air scrubbers can add extra protection when water was contaminated, as microbes can also become airborne with the humidity. Because water often leaves behind a musty scent, we also implement hydroxyl generators that are safer than ozone machines.
SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill can be reached at (770) 945-5355, no matter when you have an emergency. Because we know that water damage requires immediate action, we are always Faster to any size disaster.

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