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Commercial Clients in Suwanee Find SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan Sweet Music, Calming Your Fears

7/1/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Clients in Suwanee Find SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan Sweet Music, Calming Your Fears SERVPRO's ERP Plan Mitigates Water Damage to Commercial Properties in Suwanee

For Minimal Water Damage Loss to Your Inventory Prepare a Plan with SERVPRO

A business that stocks and sells beautifully crafted musical instruments is extremely vulnerable to damage caused by leaks, plumbing failures, or flooding. Taking the time to work with a reputable restoration company to develop a strategy before a water disaster strikes is prudent. SERVPRO leads the industry with our proactive Emergency Ready Plan and Profile.
The possibility of water damage is a serious concern for your Suwanee stringed instrument shop. Painstakingly shaped and formed, the violins, violas, cellos, and basses you curate for rental and sale appeal to beginning and expert musicians, and everyone in between. A water emergency on your sale floor or storage areas means the potential ruin of the instruments and your business. Our experienced project managers stand ready to develop a comprehensive plan with you to limit the loss if water intrudes.
SERVPRO is proud to offer a timely and unique answer to the devastation of a future flood or leaky roof. The Emergency Ready Plan is a personalized blueprint for water damage disaster abatement intended to prepare you for the unexpected and give clear direction to our crews should water damage become an issue.
Call to schedule an assessment of the risks water damage poses to your niche business. A seasoned SERVPRO SMR visits your space to get a sense of the challenges your business may face if water damage occurs. We identify ways to minimize the danger and help you determine how you want to manage priorities in the face of water damage. Our supervisor maps out your place of business, noting where crucial equipment and tools like shut off valves can be found.
You then use a mobile device to complete your Emergency Ready Profile. In it, you may appoint surrogates to make decisions in your absence and notify our team of a broad range of issues that may surface and how you wish to handle them. The Emergency Plan and Profile are free of charge to complete, but give both you, as the business owner, and us, as the restoration company, a head start toward a successful resolution to any water damage that befalls your shop. Should a water emergency strike, you hold the tool to notify SERVPRO in the palm of your hand. We try to prevent at best, and at worst, mitigate water damage repercussions.
SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill is up to the challenge of preparing for and then responding to a water damage disaster in your violin store. Call (770) 945-5355 to set up an appointment to complete the Emergency Ready Plan and Profile.

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Containing Smoke from a Bedroom Fire in Your Sugar Hill Home

6/18/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Containing Smoke from a Bedroom Fire in Your Sugar Hill Home Fire damage in the bedroom can be devastating. Call SERVPRO to help guide you through the entire restoration process.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Restore Large and Small Areas Damaged by Fire

It is not uncommon to see a fire begin in a bedroom. Several things can start a fire, and there are plenty of items in a bedroom that are flammable. Smoking materials such as matches, lighters, and candles are the most obvious fire starters. However, things such as overloaded outlets, lithium batteries in chargers for phones or toys, and appliances left plugged in, and unattended such as hairdryers can also start a fire.
When you experience a small fire in your bedroom that was put out before damaging any other part of your Sugar Hill home, you still want to contact professionals such as SERVPRO to help you clean up and repair the fire damage. After the fire is out, be sure to keep the door closed so that smoke odors and soot residues cannot travel to other parts of your home. Do not let anyone open the door or use the bedroom until it is restored.
Smoke and soot can sometimes cause more damage than the fire itself, especially if allowed to get into unaffected areas of the home. The soot is acidic and can corrode metals and other materials in your home, and the odors from smoke will settle into many materials in adjacent rooms. You should reach out to us at SERVPRO as soon as the fire is out. This way, we can come clean up the smoke and soot before it has a chance to sit for too long.
Our technicians are well experienced and trained in cleaning up after a fire. We know that containing a small area, such as a bedroom, in a home to keep the smoke odor from spreading throughout the rest of your home is the best thing to avoid additional damage. We work quickly to clean up the fire damage, smoke, and any water from firefighting efforts so that your home can be restored to its previous condition.
Trust SERVPRO of Buford/Suwanee/Hamilton to take care of your home after a small fire. We can be reached any time you need by dialing (770) 945-5355.

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Buford Reconstruction and Storm Damage Restoration

6/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Buford Reconstruction and Storm Damage Restoration From Storm Water Removal to Building Block Walls, Call SERVPRO to Rebuild Your Buford Home

SERVPRO Removes Water and Rebuilds Storm Damages in Your Buford Home

Water damage happens when flooding from storms or broken plumbing does not drain properly. Although thunderstorms and tornadoes make for great headlines and news breaks, ruptured water lines, broken toilets, and overflowing sinks cost more is repair and replacement.

Home reconstruction in Buford needs more than a skilled homeowner. Roof repairs, a cracked foundation, or replacing walls and plumbing needs trained personnel who know more than just which end of a paintbrush to grab. SERVPRO has over 20 years rebuilding houses and condos and supporting our neighbors here in Georgia.

Our first step is to examine your home and secure it against further damage. After we remove any standing water, our inspectors check everything from the carpets to the roof. We board up all entrances and cover damage to the walls and roof with tarps or plywood sheeting.

Now come the floors. Our technicians can adjust a foundation if it has moved due to the ground underneath washing away. We also remove damaged sections, build new forms, lay in new rebar and pour new concrete. When completed and dried, you cannot tell our new section from the original foundation.

Repairing or laying down a new roof is next. We remove the damaged tiles and support structure (usually in a single day). We may temporarily remove the insulation to ensure that our work crews do not accidentally step off the framing and through the ceiling. If needed our crews have the equipment and training to remove and replace even the main support beam.

With a new floor and roof in place, it is time for the walls. Our technicians remove all damaged drywall, paneling and other building materials and then inspect the framing. We remove all damaged pieces, placing temporary support columns if necessary. If the roof supports them, we can also make changes to the floor plans, moving walls and altering the size of the living room, kitchen and other parts of the house. Consider our technicians. Yes, they are IICRC industry certified in fire and water restoration and cleanup, but we can do so much more.

The weather is nice now, but there are more storms on the way. If you need our services this week or if you want to schedule an inspection to help prevent future losses, call us today at (770) 945-5355. SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill is here to help.

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Water Damage can be Prevented with Immediate Attention in Suwanee Homes

5/29/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage can be Prevented with Immediate Attention in Suwanee Homes Baths can be fun for kids but they can also flood your bathroom and cause water damage should they become unattended. Call SERVPRO to remediate.

SERVPRO's Quick Response Helps to Prevent Any Secondary Damage From Occurring

Even the best babysitters make mistakes when watching over your children. Forgetting to turn the bathtub water off is one of them. Taking care of children is not always an easy job, and getting sidetracked can result in an overflowing tub full of warm water.
Parents wanting a date-night in Suwanee might think everything is going smoothly only to get a call about flooding in the bathroom, which can cause standing water that can quickly lead to water damage. This water can affect so much more than the carpeting in your bathroom – it can eventually cause trouble all over your home.
Water damage can take different forms. Mold, deterioration of materials, compression of insulation and subsequent loss of insulating properties, weakening of floors, flaking paint, and much more, just because of a tub that overflowed and was never remediated properly. SERVPRO technicians are the people you want to make sure that all of the possible damage is prevented from occurring.
Water damage is not something you want to happen to your home. We can help you protect your home and your belongings at the same time. We know that water does not stand still, but that it moves rapidly away from the source. If it cannot move down, it often moves sideways, seeping into the pores of wood floors, in between cracks in floorboards and tiles, and even further down and away from the bathroom. This is not the only way water can move from one area or floor to another.
Water has three states, and within your home, it can take two of those – liquid and gas. Water may seem to dry, but the vapor is still in the air, flowing through the home from place to place. Colder areas can force this moisture to condense and settle in an area. Then, it can create additional damage there, as well. With the use of moisture meters, we take readings of the home in each room, helping us locate areas that have higher-than-normal humidity.
We have a variety of tools that we use to prevent water damage from happening in your home. Prevention is always easier, and less costly, both financially and emotionally than waiting for problems to become evident. Once water damage has appeared, not only must that damage be removed and repaired, but the humidity must still be eliminated.
Among our equipment, we have commercial grade dehumidifiers that quickly take the new moisture out of the air. Air scrubbers can add extra protection when water was contaminated, as microbes can also become airborne with the humidity. Because water often leaves behind a musty scent, we also implement hydroxyl generators that are safer than ozone machines.
SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill can be reached at (770) 945-5355, no matter when you have an emergency. Because we know that water damage requires immediate action, we are always Faster to any size disaster.

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Building, Reconstruction, And Restoration Services Available In Sugar Hill

5/2/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Building, Reconstruction, And Restoration Services Available In Sugar Hill Restoration and Reconstruction of Properties in Sugar Hill Get the SERVPRO Treatment

SERVPRO Offers One-Stop Service in Sugar Hill, from Cleanup to Rebuild

Regardless of which type of disaster strikes your property, time becomes a major factor in the results you receive from restoration companies that you contact for repairs. Choosing the wrong company could lead to delays, cause additional damages, and increase costs exponentially.  
Having an incident in your Sugar Hill home that requires reconstruction and restoration services means that you should seek qualified professional help. However, not all restoration companies offer the same services or produce quality results.  
What would be more useful and convenient to you?  
A company that specializes in a single portion of your restoration process, requiring you to plan, schedule, and coordinate various professional services to complete the job.
A company with qualified professional technicians who have the resources to manage the entire reconstruction and restoration process, providing you with any necessary services to get the job done for you.
SERVPRO manages your entire reconstruction and restoration process from beginning to end, everything from the board up services needed to keep your property safe, to tree removal and temporary warehouse space that helps maintain the condition of the contents found in your home or business. Whether water extraction, smoke and odor removal, or mold remediation, or extensive cleanup, the job gets done.
We are professionally licensed contractors that perform installations and repairs on various general construction issues found on your property. SERVPRO technicians offer scalable resources concerning drywall, painting, flooring, roofing, plumbing and electrical services, perfect for any size job.
Giving SERVPRO the ability to provide you with a one-stop source for all of your reconstruction and restoration needs. Our staff follows IICRC standards and best practices concerning cleaning and restoration services and produces results that often exceed your original expectations.  
Our reconstruction, remodeling, and rebuilding services help you obtain the results you merit, assisting with fully restoring your property to a quality pre-damage condition, "Like it never even happened." We help you avoid having to deal with stress filled days, making your entire restoration project as fast and efficient as possible.  
We are willing to help you manage your insurance paperwork and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Give SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill a call today for additional information concerning reconstruction and restoration services available throughout the entire area. (770) 945-5355

Two Ways that Commercial Water Damage can Affect Patient Health in Suwanee

4/21/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Two Ways that Commercial Water Damage can Affect Patient Health in Suwanee At SERVPRO, we have the solutions, and the means, that can help you continue providing care to all of your patients.

A Couple Ways Water Damage Can Affect Your Suwanee Commercial Property 

Nursing care facilities are not immune from structural problems, much like the patients that live within them. Part of the problem is that nursing care facilities, like all other buildings, are unable to tell anyone what is wrong, and this can often lead to problems growing larger and larger.

When a Suwanee facility has commercial water damage, the safety of the building can become not only less safe but end up putting patients at risk. These risks involve many things that do not require patients to be in the immediate area. Even smaller-sized leaks can create these same hazards and risks for patients, especially those with a decreased ability to fight off infections or who have pulmonary concerns.

For those who provide care to patients with a heightened sensitivity to mold and other airborne contaminants, knowing that it takes as little as two days for mold to begin growing in hidden locations can be especially frightening. This is particularly the case when it is realized that many areas that have been harboring mold are often those areas discovered only during an inspection.

Increased humidity can make breathing more strenuous for some patients. Even very healthy people can find themselves feeling less vigorous and energetic when humidity levels rise. Raising the temperature when there is higher humidity can make the area seem sweltering, and lowering the temperature can make everyone feel damp and clammy. Both are highly uncomfortable.

At SERVPRO, we have the solutions, and the means, that can help you continue providing care to all of your patients. We can repair damaged areas so that the structural integrity of your facility is restored. As we do this, we not only remove the damaged and weakened areas, we also clean away any secondary water damage that is beginning to form. Drying out of materials closest to where the water intrusion took place is a large part of returning things back to normal. Along with that, we also use industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air scrubbers.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

The professionals at SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill want to help you continue providing the valuable services you are known for giving in our community. Locally owned and operated, we are here for you, any hour and every day of the week. When you need us for water damage or any other emergency, just call us at (770) 945-5355.

Flood Preparation in Sugar Hill

4/6/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Preparation in Sugar Hill Get to safety if flooding occurs. Then call SERVPRO to dry out and remediate your property.

Take Time to Prepare for Flooding Emergencies in order to Ensure Safety

Unpredictable and destructive, floods can happen in areas that have never even seen rain. They can create injuries and death, isolate communities, cut essential services, damage major infrastructure, destroy property and livelihoods. Flooding can happen at any time, anywhere from a variety of water sources including creeks, rivers, storm tides and heavy rainfall. Aside from the physical damage to property, going through a flood can be a very emotional time. When you are not prepped for a flood, recovery can be stressful, costly, and slow.
Spending a bit of time to make your Sugar Hill home secure, making up an emergency kit and creating a flood plan can assist you in surviving the effects of a flood and flood damage. When a flood does occur, you need the assistance of a professional flood remediation company such as SERVPRO. They are properly trained to handle these situations and get your home back to its pre-flood condition.
There are many things you can do to prepare for a flood. Start by checking with your local council about plans for floods, or records that detail problem areas. Talk to authorities about relocation centers and routes. If your area is prone to floods, think about alternatives to carpets for flooring in your home. Make up a kit for emergencies and create a household plan, so everyone knows a route and a meeting place when a flood occurs. Tack up a list of emergency telephone numbers where everyone can see it. Also, make sure that your home insurance policy covers flood damage. If not, purchase an additional plan, so you have the proper coverage. SERVPRO can also help you when a flood happens by speaking with your insurance company to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.
If you know flooding is imminent, make your safety a priority and ensure you have time to prepare your property. Secure hazardous items, move furniture, valuables and electrical items to a higher level and roll up any rugs. Put important personal documents, vital medical supplies, and valuables into a waterproof case in a location which is accessible. If you are relocating, take pets with you if it is safe to do so. If not, give them enough food and water and move them to a place which is safer. Monitor forecasts and warnings online and listen to your local radio for updates.
If you must leave your home for a safer location, notify neighbors and family members where you are going. Pack essential medication, warm clothing, personal papers, and valuables in waterproof bags with your emergency kit. Empty your refrigerator and freezer, leaving doors open to avoid any loss or damage if they flood. Turn off water, power, and gas, and remember to bring your mobile phone with you. Don’t drive into water of unknown current and depth.
After any flood, SERVPRO of Buford/Suwanee/Hamilton Mill is here to help you dry out your home, belongings, and repair damages to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible. After you and your family are safe, call us right away by dialing (770) 945-5355 so we can assist you and perform thorough flood remediation.

A Full-Service Reconstruction Solution In Buford

3/26/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage A Full-Service Reconstruction Solution In Buford There is no such thing as a right time to have a fire or flood in your home.

Full-Service Reconstruction

There is no such thing as a right time to have a fire or flood in your home. However, having access to a quality restoration company during an emergency could mean the difference between obtaining a full solution, or just a partial one.

Getting to know more about the restoration companies available in your area, as well as the types of services they offer, can make restoring your Buford area home that much easier. Reconstruction, restoration, remediation, damage mitigation, water removal, cleaning, and deodorization services all come in handy when disaster strikes. Having access to one company that has everything available would be great, right? Well, we can help.

Our SERVPRO staff is available before emergency strikes on your property. We can help you put together a quality preparedness plan to combat common issues homeowners face in your area and prepare you for those situations you simply have no control over. With these precautions in place, if an emergency happens, we already know the size of your property, its location, and how many technicians or how much equipment your property needs to get things under control quickly.

SERVPRO has a variety of IICRC certified water, fire, smoke, mold, storm damage cleaning and restoration technicians available to handle any size disaster that may strike your property. You may not be aware that we also have a staff of fully licensed contractors to help perform any rebuild, reconstruction, or repairs the various types of damage cause in your home.

SERVPRO contractors can repair or reinstall cabinets, countertops, floors, walls, or ceilings damaged by fire or flooding, making your complete restoration even faster, since we do not need to contract these services to an outside source and wait for them to respond. We can also assist you with remodeling your kitchen or other projects on your property. We handle everything from demolition to drywall, insulation installation, painting, wallpapering, plumbing, electrical, carpentry framing and finish work.

As always, we communicate with you and your insurance company throughout the entire process, cooperating within budget constraints and meeting or exceeding your expectations as a customer. Take advantage of what we have to offer, contact SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill today for a full-service solution today (770) 945-5355.

Why Prior Mold Issues Make You More Susceptible Now

3/20/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why Prior Mold Issues Make You More Susceptible Now Don't let mold lurk and stink up your home. Call SERVPRO today to investigate and finally get it under control.

SERVPRO Technicians Investigate to Find the Root Cause of a Mold Infestation

Even if it was many years ago, a prior mold contamination places your home at a much higher risk of additional contamination than other homes. Mold is a hardy and long-lived form of life, able to withstand the trials of time, temperature, drought, and often even chemicals in its dormant state. Once conditions are again ideal for growth, mold spores can become active and begin to grow and reproduce once again. A single mold spore makes anywhere from dozens to thousands more if it is allowed to mature, and these microscopic children can catch on moving objects or the wind to ride to other locations. As a result, mold spores are virtually omnipresent in the world, with every American home, school, and workplace containing at least some mold spores.
If you have had prior mold damage in your Rock Springs home, that means your home has, at one point, been the breeding grounds for a much larger volume of mold spores than normal. As a result, mold becomes much more likely to grow for two reasons. First, it has already been established that ideal conditions exist for mold to grow and that the home is susceptible to problems in the same areas. Second, it also may mean that some of those hardy mold spores may still be buried and present in vast quantities around the home. SERVPRO and other certified mold remediation experts do their best to remove mold spores from the environment, but the complete absence of them is virtually impossible to achieve.
Regarding how much prior mold damage issues affects your current susceptibility, the most important variable to consider is time. If the incident occurred decades ago and no issue has presented itself since then, it is not a game-changing factor. However, if you most recently dealt with mold only a few months or years ago, new mold growth is far more likely to be a resurgence of the old problem than a separate incident.
SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill has years of experience containing, treating, and remediating mold problems large and small. Call us 24/7 at (770) 945-5355.

Mold Damage Issues in Suwanee

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Issues in Suwanee Mold can hide or appear in plain sight. Call SERVPRO at the first sign of a mold infestation.

SERVPRO Technicians are Experts in Detecting Hidden Mold

If you have had a major water leak recently or cleaned-up after a thunderstorm, there is the possibility of another problem. If your home or property still has a high level of moisture trapped inside and the overall humidity remains very high, you may have to deal with the possibility of a mold infestation.

Mold damage to Suwanee homes can stay completely unnoticeable until colonies of spores have grown into the bathrooms and laundry rooms of your home. SERVPRO understands that for growth to even begin; it requires three specific conditions to match up. We have decades of experience in stopping mold and remediating the effects.

The first step, our technicians inspect your home for signs of mold. They use an air content meter to measure spores in the air as they also perform a visual inspection. The two techniques together allow us to determine the source and extent of any growth more quickly.

Now that we know where the mold is, we isolate it. Technicians seal off the affected area with plastic sheeting to prevent the contamination from spreading to clean parts of your home. They also seal every HVAC vent in the area to prevent mold getting into your duct work during the cleaning process.

Next, is cleaning the infestation. Our inventory of anti-fungal and anti-microbial cleaners eliminate nearly every type of mold found in homes. We combine these chemicals with specially designed scrubbers to use on every type of surface from a soft plastic, painted drywall, and marble counters without damaging any of them.

If the growth has found its way into the HVAC system, the same cleaners are paired with fogging equipment. This combination sends a thick fog into the ductwork which touches every corner, killing every mold spore. Once completed, the air filters are replaced, and the vent covers are put back in place.

Building materials infected with mold need removing in most cases. Drywall is an excellent food source for mold, and a mold infestation grows quickly. Extremely soaked drywall panels must be removed to prevent mold growth. It is possible to restore a soaked panel to a usable condition, but this drying process is very long. Replacing the panel is usually our preferred option.

If you suspect there is excess mold growth in your home, contact SERVPRO of Buford / Suwanee / Hamilton Mill immediately. The restoration process is a long one, but we are here to help you through it, every step of the way. Call us today at (770) 945-5355 to get the ball rolling.